What's in a name? Better vocabularies = better bioinformatics?

About 7:00 this morning I was somewhat relieved because my scheduled lab talk had been postponed (my boss was not around). But we were still having the lab meeting anyway.

About 8:00 this morning, I stumbled across this blog post by @biomickwatson on twitter. I really enjoyed the post and thought I would mention in in the lab meeting. Suddently though that prompted me to think about some other topics relating to Mick's blog post.

Before I knew it, I had made about 30 slides and ended up speaking for most of the lab meeting. I thought I'd add some notes and post the talk on SlideShare.

I get very frustrated by people who rely heavily on GO term analysis, without having a good understanding of what Gene Ontology terms are, or how they get assigned to database objects. There are too many published anayses which see an enrichment of a particular GO term as some reliable indicator that there is a difference in datasets X & Y. Do they ever check to see how these GO terms were assigned? No.