A stunning hyperlapse video of life on the UC Davis campus

A few days ago, UC Davis student Joe Na (@joenagraphy on twitter) released this hyperlapse video of scenes from around the UC Davis campus, and I've found myself captivated by it. 

UC Davis from Joseph Na on Vimeo.

One reason why I've been watching this video over and over again is because Joe has shot some superb scenes with amazing lighting, and it is just beautiful to watch. However, that's not the only reason why I'm so drawn to this video.

After nine years of working at UC Davis I realized just how connected I feel to many of the places that are included in this video. For most of the last two years I have abandoned cycling in favor of walking everywhere on campus. I'm based on the 'far side' of campus near Aggie Stadium, but frequent meetings, teaching requirements, and the need to get a bus home, all mean that I'm regularly walking all over campus.

When I first saw this video, I instantly recognized every location because in an average week, I walk past (or through) most of them! So here is my shot-by-shot breakdown of the video (with links to DavisWiki as appropriate): 

  1. 0:00–0:05 MU bus terminal
  2. 0:06–0:09 The western edge of the Quad, facing south
  3. 0:10–0:16 On the Quad, facing the MU
  4. 0:17–0:25 On top of the West Entry Parking Structure on Hutchinson Drive, looking southwest to the GBSF and the Health Sciences District
  5. 0:26–0:30 In the Arboretum by Lake Spafford, looking west
  6. 031–0:34 Looking west across Lake Spafford
  7. 0:35–0:38 Looking at 3rd & U Cafe from 3rd & University
  8. 0:39–0:42 Looking at Wellman Hall from the east side
  9. 0:43–0:47 Entrance of Warren & Leta Giedt Hall, with Kemper Hall in background
  10. 0:48–0:57 Two scenes inside the CoHo
  11. 0:58–1:02 Moving to outside the CoHo, overlooking the Quad
  12. 1:03–1:09 Back to the MU bus terminal, looking north
  13. 1:10–1:15 Outside the Mondavi Center
  14. 1:16–1:19 Central area of Olson Hall looking down to the basement
  15. 1:20–1:23 Outside The Silo
  16. 1:24–1:28 Inside The Silo
  17. 1:29–1:33 Outside Wellman Hall, looking south to Hart Hall
  18. 1:34–1:40 Back to the Arboretum
  19. 1:41–1:46 Aggie Stadium
  20. 1:47–1:52 The Pavilion
  21. 1:53–2:02 Soccer field
  22. 2:03–2:06 Dobbins Baseball field
  23. 2:07–2:11 My favorite shot...looking up from within the Death Star complex
  24. 2:12–2:20 Back to the Arboretum
  25. 2:21–2:23 Looking at the entrance to Hart Hall from corner of Shields Library
  26. 2:24–2:27 Looking at northern entrance to Mrak Hall
  27. 2:28–2:32 Dutton Hall
  28. 2:33–2:36 I think this is on East Field, behind Dutton Hall
  29. 2:37–2:40 The ARC
  30. 2:41–2:44 Looking at Peter A. Rock Hall from across the turning circle at Hutchinson Drive & California Avenue
  31. 2:45–2:48 Hmm, somewhere west of campus? Update: now confirmed to be Hopkins Road (thanks to @brendawrites)
  32. 2:49–2:53 Not sure...possibly the Teaching Vineyard next to the Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Sciences

Thanks again to Joe for making a beautiful video which serves as a wonderful advertisment for UC Davis.