I have written over 350 posts on my ACGT blog (Thoughts on biology, genomics, and the ongoing threat to humanity from the bogus use of bioinformatics acronyms). This is hosted on a separate site and is infrequently updated these days.


A new web comic that I have launched with Abby Yu (who does all of the brilliant drawings). The Take-Home Message will entertain and inform you about stories from the world of biology, with a special focus on genomics and bioinformatics.


Yet another blog! Feeling engaged? is hosted on Medium and it is intended to be where I write about social media and web related issues, particularly with a focus on metrics.


A relatively new blog that will attempt to chronicle all of the five-star rated music in my iTunes library (a subset that represents only about 1% of the more than 13,000 tracks in my music collection). This site will, one track at a time, reveal why these songs mean so much to me.

rescued by code - banner image.png

The website that supports the various teaching materials that I have helped write in the past (mostly concerning Unix and Perl, and including our book Unix and Perl to the Rescue!). This site now has an expanded focus as we are writing a new book: Unix and Python to the Rescue!. I plan to write some blog posts regarding learning Python from the perspective of a long time Perl user.


I also have an infrequently updated personal blog on this site (for topics not relating to science or technology).


When I find time, I occasionally post thoughts and observations relating to technology on my Scared of heights blog. This used to be hosted on a separate website, but has now been included as a separate blog here.


Finally, I also run a site which contains the world's only nautical-themed set of horoscopes that are automatically generated by a Perl script. Behold the Molluskan Zodiac!