I have been involved in genomics research since I first started my career in bioinformatics back in 1993. Increasingly, my work involves communicating such research, and I enjoy writing, speaking, and using other channels to discuss genomics and other topics. I am passionate about Open Science, the Oxford comma, and adding milk first when making tea.

My current position

I am — as of January 4th, 2016 — the Digital Strategy Manager at the Institute of Cancer Research in London. I've written some thoughts on this new gig.

Where I write

I maintain various blogs, though I mostly write about genomics and bioinformatics on my ACGT blog. A relatively new venture is a web-based comic that aims to educate and entertain about various scientific topics. The Take-Home Message comics are drawn by the talented Abby Yu, and I write the accompanying posts and help come up with ideas for new comics.

I can also be found talking about various issues relating to genomics and bioinformatics through my own twitter account (@kbradnam). Additionally, I tweet a lot of links to papers and other resources relating to the field of 'omics' assembly (genome, transcriptome, and metagenome) via the Assemblathon twitter account (@assemblathon).