Stormy, our cute little cat, needs a new home 😞

We are moving to the UK at the end of the year and unfortunately, and with much sadness, we are not in a position to take Stormy with us. The reason we can't take her is that very few rental properties allow pets, and given the high rents in London — we are not in a situation where we can be particularly picky.  We also think she wouldn't have as good a quality of life (we are going to have to downsize a lot when we move).

We are therefore looking for someone who could give Stormy a caring new home. Here are the relevant details about her. Please get in contact with us if you are interested.

  • She is a spayed female cat whom we adopted as a rescue cat in 2006
  • We think she is 10–11 years old now, but she still acts like a very young cat!
  • She is very small — people often ask us if she is a kitten
  • She is an indoor cat
  • She is very clean, and has had all required injections as part of regular check ups
  • She is in great condition with no known health problems
  • She loves sitting on brown parcel paper (don't ask!)
  • She is friendly and affectionate…but can sometimes be shy and wary of new people
  • She doesn't get on well with other cats
  • She is a little bit fussy with food, but we have found some brands that she likes
  • She has been microchipped
  • We would provide her new owner with all of her accessories (litter tray, climbing towers, cat bed, food etc.)
  • We would also like to make a contribution towards future ownership costs (food, healthcare etc)

More pictures (click to enlarge):